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11-N Reisner St _ 11.jpg


Full scale renovation on the Stringtown Shotgun. This house was taken down to the studs on the interior & put back together to create a  modern masterpiece of architectural features, encompassing many of the original features of the home to maintain its charm in the 21st century.

08-N Forest Ave-008.jpg


From the ashes this house was reborn! This house suffered a significant gas explosion causing the entire house to be engulfed in flames, with the front & back walls barely standing on the original foundation. The city originally planned to knock this house down but we stepped in with a little bit of vision & a lot of elbow grease to put this one back together.

During our renovation process we wanted to create an inviting, uplifting space, so we focused on adding a ton of natural light & focused on  mid-century modern feel.   

1728 Brookside Ave-10.jpg


Our most daring project to date. This was a 3 story goliath that needed a complete renovation interior to exterior. We strived to provide the utmost quality & most advance features such as switch controlled shower thermostats, recessed mirror & vanity lighting & an electronic fireplace for added curb appeal.  

These features together created one of the greatest & most arduous projects we have taken on to date. This project presented many lessons & challenges, but ultimately created the foundation for where we are today. 

17-N Forest Ave-017.jpg


Originally a brick duplex we took this house completely out by removing the brick exterior in sections & reframing with dimensional lumber. After that we recreated the inside with a modern layout & high end designer finishes. 

This was a fun project that balanced speed & efficiency as we had this whole house rebuilt in under 3 months & created some of the nicest showers to date! 

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